When (t)asked to write the story of our humble beginnings, it brought back memories from a diary which has seen many stories from rags to riches, joys to hardship. Unfortunately you will have to wait for the book or movie publish.

However, Omniform Digital Platforms was born in 2011 at the CSIR as a consulting firm, we were consulting for various corporate’s on their labour requirement and at the time as a member of the South African Quality Institute (SAQI), we used a lot of LEAN and KAIZEN methodology to compile the value propositions in the correct sequence. The idea was to create a platform to govern labor from a quality and practical perspective along with all the core and non core flows. In other words to create a blueprint of what makes most sense to the Companies bottom line as well as the Performance and Well being of the staff. Case studies was initially conducted to establish the feasibility of the project and we researched a few areas among Discipline, Accountability and Efficiency.

With the feasibility studies out of the way, we found in core that many of the functions already existed but in isolation. Private funding was secured and Omniform Digital Platforms was born.

Our vision is a simple one, we strive to add value and solve real life problems systematically. The current Shareholding and Management is a well balanced fit with Finance, Marketing and IT at the steer of things as we are planning to drive and develop our market share rapidly.

The development has finally come to an role out product and with a viable system in the cloud we are heading to the Global markets as part of the growth strategy, with years in Corporate and a strong network we believe that all of our dreams are achievable.

Although our services and products have flexibility to flow into different roles according to budgets, we still believe that using the software as a whole will ultimately deliver the most value for its users.

Our Company culture is a social one and we also strongly believe in giving back to the respective communities. We are completely de-centralized as most of our work happens in the cloud although we have a strong brand presence and an aggressive online marketing strategy. We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our story and sincerely hope that we can add value to your industry. For more information please feel free to browse through the remainder of the site and/or contact one of our knowledgeable representatives.

– Wessels Kruger (CEO)