Protective wear Procurement Software – Hire The Perfect Candidate
Procurement software offers you a platform based solution. Keep track of all your staff procurement needs in the cloud. Whether uniform, PPE or Equipment, an Open market place gives access for suppliers to bid on your procurement requirement ensuring a fair contest and best deal to you. For a detailed offering please download the brochure or book a call with us below.

Benefits of Using Our Procurement Software:

  • Your procurement needs are passed onto many different suppliers
  • Buying in bulk for different customers allows to negotiate better
  • Buying different items from different suppliers allows us to get the best per item price on the market
  • Sizes, Qty’s are manged online and ensure no wrong, short or over supplies
  • Expiry dates are automatically traced on the system, ensuring employees get their order only when they qualify
  • Pre-warning of expiry allows us to start the process 1 – 3 months in advance 
  • Sign sheets provided for employees

For a detailed offering on how it works, download the PDF Brochure or book a call with a consultant below.

We can help


Omniform Procurement is a simple yet effective tool to ensure your company does not overspend on protective wear

Protective wear forms a vital part of the work environment ensuring employees safety whilst also forming a large part of how your company is presented to visitors  

Staff turnover can have a huge effect on the cost a company incurs when dealing with protective wear

 It is important that the issuing dates of protective wear is complied with, in the case where it is left to late it could lead to serious injury as well as liability on the companies side 

In the case where is provided before the expiry date the company will incur undue cost

Protective wear is the property of the employer in instances where the employer provides protective wear as such protective wear should be returned or the cost should be covered by the employee.

Omniform manages all these aspects on our cloud based platform protecting your interests and saving you money  

On Site


The onsite offering goes the extra mile in service delivery and ease, every aspect of the Procurement process will be handled by one of our on-site representatives.

From employee sizes, samples and issuing protective wear

The on-site option is great for companies that wish to focus on their primary interest as well as ensure that recruitment processes are still handled in a professional and thorough manner.

The onsite manager will also deal with all the PPE aspects and ensure the process is managed from order up to employee aceptance signature