Procurement Software – Workwear & PPE
Omniform uses the power of bulk buying and per item sourcing to get the best deals on procurement items and passing on the savings to your company

We target numerous suppliers and importers by breaking down our procurement order into individual items that can be sourced from different suppliers to allow for the biggest possible savings 

Our software also ties the procurement item to an employee allowing easy distribution and acceptance by the staff and best of all the qualifying management (if an employee qualifies to get new safety or work-wear) is done automatically by our software so you don’t have to keep messy excel sheets to try and manage this time consuming process



Benefits of Using Our Procurement Software:

  • Your procurement needs are passed onto many different suppliers
  • Buying in bulk for different customers allows to negotiate better
  • Buying different items from different suppliers allows us to get the best per item price on the market
  • Sizes, Qty’s are manged online and ensure no wrong, short or over supplies
  • Expiry dates are automatically traced on the system, ensuring employees get their order only when they qualify
  • Pre-warning of expiry allows us to start the process 1 – 3 months in advance 
  • Sign sheets provided for employees

For a detailed offering on how it works, download the PDF Brochure or book a call with a consultant below.

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How does the system know when my PPE expires
All PPE items are setup according to your company’s requirements, if you issue safety boots every 24 months this will be placed into the system and allow us to monitor who qualifies when
How do you manage employee sizes
Omniform imports employee sizes either when first linked to the system or by using a pre-filled excel sheet with all employee names and PPE items to be updated on site and then imported into our system
How do you buy per item
Because we link our procurement to a specific employee, our order sheets are already broken up by size, item and quantity this allows us to send the same order to multiple suppliers and source the best prices