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Recruitment can become one of the most painful and expensive exercises in a company, HR managers can spend frustrating hours finding the right fit. The numbers are usually 100 applications of which 20 might be considered for your company and only 5 make the shortlist.

However tomorrow when you require 5 more candidates, or a stand in for maternity leave the process is reborn due to a lack of effective online data management.

This is where Talent Pools become such a powerful tool, the ability to create a pool of viable candidates that only you have access to can save hundreds if not thousands of work hours.

Omniform designed a powerful recruitment software tool to assist you in sourcing employees for multiple positions that can be stored in one pool and easily brought forth using skills, qualifications and compliance filters, whilst showing previous employment history.

Some more benefits to using our Recruitment Software:

  • Target multiple recruitment sites at once
  • Run Adds for multiple positions
  • Candidates upload own documentation
  • Omniform vets employee documentation and compliance
  • All suitable candidates are retained for later recruitment cycles
  • Employees who work part time or seasonally are also retained
  • Omniform manages contracts for new employees
  • Pay only for the amount of employees you require
  • Omniform manages all paperwork related to recruitment online
  • You have full access to the whole process and every bit of information

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How do I run a recruitment campaign

The first step is in defining the position your are recruiting for as well as setting up die requirements the candidate has to meet to be considered this will include skills as well as documentation

Secondly the add is appear on multiple recruitment platforms as well is Omniforms internal job boards.


How is this different from other recruitment drives

The major differences are found in how the candidates approach your company, in this case they apply directly to your companies online brokerage.

Secondly all the candidates applications are stored on your private brokerage so no other recruiter has access to the Cv's and information making it the perfect environment to create a talent pool from which to continually recruit without having to pay for adds each time

Who has to deal with all the messy paperwork

After the skills and documentation requirements are defined the employee has to upload the required documentation directly to his profile, this means that when the right candidate is selected all his personal information and documentation is already on the system