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Training for the company by the company

As a company you are unique, your company does things differently from the next company which is what makes you stand out from your competitors

Our mission is to assist with training programs specifically designed in cooperation with your company to train your employees within the scope of your operations, training is not a one size fits all solution, what is required is training based upon your company’s SOP’s and KPI’s to firstly ensure employees know how to do the job according to your policies and producers and secondly to hold them accountable if they do not adhere

Omniform provides skilled trainers and course developers to assist you to get the best out of your employees



Benefits of Using Our Training Software:

  • Increased productivity
  • Better adherence to company policies
  • Up-skill employees
  • Creating a skills matrix
  • Creating a company culture
  • Creating and updating SOP’s and KPI’s
  • Retraining employees who fall behind required output according to KPI agreement
  • Discipling employees based on performance


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What are KPI's and SOP's

KPI stands for KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR, this is used to tell an employee how he will be measured when performing his job. How many parts he should pick per day, how accurate he should be, how many if any mistakes are allowed. It basically tells the employee in measurable terms if he/she is performing to the companies standards

SOP stands for STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE, this is used to tell an employee how he/she should do their job. In the case of a picker it would state how you need to handle the part to ensure it is not damaged, where the part needs to be delivered to, How to use a scanner and every other aspect of how the employee should go about performing the task at hand.


How are training programs designed

Our training programs are designed according to your company’s SOP’s, If you do not have a current SOP we can gladly assist with drawing up SOP’s for the different Job grades within your company.

Employees are then trained step by step through the process, certified and then asked to sign the SOP and KPI forms

This is also a great way to create a skills matrix for your organization as well as train people for advancement

how does this assist with disciplinary action due to poor performance

For an employee to be charged with poor performance it must first be established that the employee knew how to accomplish the task he was instructed to carry out (SOP)

The employee understood the expectation from the employer (KPI)

And lastly that the employee was re-trained and assisted by the company to be able to achieve the targets set by the company