Training Software – Train the Perfect Candidate

The Best way to ensure the perfect candidate for your company is to train them, Existing or new employees, the need remains to be familiarized with the unique process and operations of your unique company

Benefits of Using Our Training Software:

  • Increased productivity
  • Better adherment to company policies
  • Upskilling employees
  • Creating a skills matrix
  • Creating a company culture
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Omniform Training is a simple yet effective way to ensure your company productivity is maintained and improved

Training programs are designed using your current company requirements to ensure employees are well versed in your company procedures and requirements

Nothing is worse than having to train new employees on the job.

Not only are they unproductive but it often falls to experienced employees to show them how.

Meaning their productivity also suffers

Another aspect that is often missed with training programs is disciplinary processes 

In most cases it is near impossible to dismiss a less productive employee without multiple proven attempts at training them to have the required skills to do the task at hand.

Training forms the basis for maintaining and enhancing productivity 



On Site


The onsite offering goes the extra mile in service delivery and ease, every aspect of the Training process will be handled by one of our on-site representatives.

Getting you the up-skilled staff compliment ythat every copany requires to increase profitibility 

The on-site option is great for companies that wish to focus on their primary interest as well as ensure that Training processes are still handled in a professional and thorough manner.

The onsite manager will also train the employees on-site getting rid of costly down time whilst ensuring new and experienced employees are trained in new processes as well as re-trained if they do not meet the company standards