Off site employee management

Get immediate results with our off site packages.

You define the setups and we take care of the day to day management of documentation, capturing and processing

Full employee life cycle management

Choose from our 6 Employee management Platforms

Outsourcing and back office management allows you to focus on the core requirements of your business whilst having a team of experienced personal manage the day to day aspects of employee management


Our back office staff handle everything from placing recruitment adds to setting up your own recruitment or talent pool

Once prospective candidates apply we also check that all the required documentation is correctly uploaded and verified

All you need to do is use our live filters to find the best candidates

PPE Procurement

We provide excel sheets with all the items required by each and every employee

Once we have all the sizes we create order sheets per item that go out to all our suppliers to source the best prices

The PPE items are delivered to your requested address, as well as per employee sign sheets for distribution.

From here qualifying criteria is managed such as expiry dates to see if an employee qualifies for new PPE


All we need is a copy of the current Standard Operating Procedure(SOP)

Once we have an SOP for the job you want training to be created for, we can go ahead and create an online training module to assist with training of new employees as well as re-training where needed

Training forms the basis of improved production as well as disciplinary action against low productivity

Time keeping and Payroll

Whether you have access control, a clocking system or keep record of hours worked on excel sheets

We accommodate all types of uploads or integrations

All you need to do is provide us with the employees IN and OUT sequence and we take care of the rest from payroll to payslip

HR Compliance

Our HR Compliance service is not just about the storing of employee records online

We provide pre-filled templates with employee information pulled from the employee profiles, from Contracts to Code of Conduct we provide the document and all you need to do is have it signed off and returned

You only have to provide us with PDF templates of your documents and we take care of the rest

Employee Conduct

It all starts with a Code of Conduct, once digitized the rest is simple

The next step is taking your current disciplinary templates such as warning and notice of hearings and uploading onto our system in order for us to update the templates from the system

All that remains is for the warning to be selected from the system. escalations and expiry’s are managed automatically

Back office and Outsourcing

If used correctly outsourcing or using a back office service provider can have great benefits for your business by acquiring a skill without having to employ a full time employee at extra risk and cost

Outsourcing and back office management allows you to have a experienced consultant manage your employees .

We are not all Payroll experts, Trainers or Procurement managers, but we can have access to their services without having to employee costly experts

On site employee management

If you would like to put a face to our services we also offer the on site option

Have a certified Omniform representative on site to assist with the day to day management of you employees

The Omniform on site option works best when more than one of our services is being used for your business allowing one individual operator the manage all the process … with the assistance of our back offices staff of course.

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