Conduct Software – Quick and easy

Legal Conduct software offers you a wide range of conduct tools, custom privacy policies, disclaimers, warnings and all other disciplinary documentation can be selected or stored on the platform. For a detailed view please download the brochure or book a call with us below.
Benefits of Using Our Conduct Software:

* Select Warnings from your digital Code of Conduct instead of writing them out by hand
* All Conduct related documents are immediately saved against the employees profile making it quick and easy to access if required
* Warnings are automatically escalated aligned with Code of Conduct protecting the company against Procedural unfairness
* Paperwork is managed from the first warning up to the hearing
* Access to trusted legal representation.
* Integrate third party suppliers.

For a detailed offering on how it works, download the PDF Brochure or book a call with a consultant below.

We can help

Off-site Team

Setup and integration is handled of site by an trained Omniform representative.

Once completed employees conduct history is uploaded onto Omniform

Company Code of Conduct is transferred onto the system

All warnings and conduct related documents are generated automatically onto a template provided by the company.

Omniform manages all escalations and expiration of Conduct documents  from 1st Warning up to Notice of hearing.

All Documents are stored against the employee profile and readily available if required for hearings as well as arbitration

On Site


The onsite offering goes the extra mile in service delivery and ease, every aspect of the Misconduct process will be handled by one of our on-site representatives.

From Warnings to hearings 

The on-site option is great for companies that wish to focus on their primary interest as well as ensure that Disciplinary processes are still handled in a professional and thorough manner.

The onsite manager will also deal with the Substantive aspects and ensure all Conduct documents are signed sealed and delivered at the end of the process