HR Compliance Software – Get ahead of the paperwork

Human Resource Compliance software offers you a birds eye view of the employee life cycle. Employee data throughout the organization funnels into a quality control dashboard for revision. Setup your criteria, prepare for CCMA cases, rate your staff. For a detailed offering please download the brochure or book a call with us below.

Benefits of Using Our Conduct Software:

  • No More messy paperwork
  • Automatic contract expiry as well as expiry reminders
  • Documents and qualifications compliance checks
  • Block candidates from being employed if they do not have all the required qualifications or skills
  • Pre-filled contracts on your companies template
  • Access employee data in the cloud.
  • Setup admin based roles.
  • Spot Check sub-ordinates.
  • Compliance dashboard.
  • Update and review Policies.
  • Integrate with existing HR Tools.

For a detailed offering on how it works, download the PDF Brochure or book a call with a consultant below.

We can help

Off-site Team


Setup and integration is handled of site by an trained Omniform representative.

Once completed employees all current employee documents are uploaded onto the system and a report is send out stating what documents are outstanding from which employees

Missing documents are also uploaded onto the system 

When a new employee joins we will send you his contract on a company template provided by your company

Our compliance dashboard will reveal if any documents are missing, those will be requested from the responsible party within your company and reported on

All Documents are cloud based and stored against the employee profile ensuring maximum ease of ease when looking for a specific documents




The onsite offering goes the extra mile in service delivery and ease, every aspect of the HR process will be handled by one of our on-site representatives.


New contracts, end of employment documents, as well as making sure current staff are complaint


The on-site option is great for companies that wish to focus on their primary interest as well as ensure that HR and complaince processes are still handled in a professional and thorough manner.


In the end the on-site manager will ensure every employee has a complete and up to date file pack for your convenience