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Looking for the best HR Compliance Software? You have come to the right place. How much paperwork can one employee generate? CV, Qualifications, Background check(s), ID copy, Contract, Code of Conduct, SOP, KPI agreement, Payslip, IRP 5, Warnings, Acceptance of PPE and equipment, and any person working within HR could possibly add another 20 items to the list

Your company cabinets are probably ready to explode, and confirming that every person is complaint not to mention finding the signed document when needed can become a real nightmare leading financial and disciplinary liabilities

Omniform can eradicate the stress by having compliance setup to a job specification, then linking all the documents to the employee, and then running automatic compliance checks to ensure all docs are signed and present

And because the documents are linked to the employee’s digital profile, finding them is no hassle at all.

Benefits of Using Our HR Software:

  • No More messy paperwork
  • Automatic contract expiry as well as expiry reminders
  • Documents and qualifications compliance checks
  • Block candidates from being employed if they do not have all the required qualifications or skills
  • Pre-filled contracts on your company’s template
  • Access employee data in the cloud.
  • Setup admin-based roles.
  • Spot Check HR clerks
  • Compliance dashboard.
  • Update and review Policies.
  • Integrate with existing HR Tools.

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How do i setup an job grade
Because every job grade is different the process begins by defining the documents a new employee will need to be complaint, for instance a Driver would need a relevant licence to be complaint, the system will then check against any employee linked to a Driver position if he has a valid drivers licence.
how does the system check if an employee is complaint
Once a Job grade is defined the system know exactly which documents the employee needs to submit and sign in order to be complaint, the system the flags any employee that is not 100% complaint allowing us to inform you and have the problem fixed quickly and painlessly 
How do i know if I am complaint or not
Omniform can assist with a full compliance audit of your company uploading existing documents to our system and advising which documents are currently missing