Software to get you there

365 degree employee management at your finger tips

Cloud Based

Omniform is a cloud based platform

Meaning you can instantly access data where and when you want to, ensuring you never miss a beat when it comes to managing your employees

Single platform Multi tenant

Omniform Digital Platforms is Single Platform Multi Tenant

Allowing every one in your company access to the same up to date employee information and documents


Omniform Digital platforms is setup according to your needs

Your company structure form the basis for our software, from your contracts to benefits and compliance

Employee Packs

Every employee on Omniform Digital Platforms has their own employee pack

From contract to code of Conduct, licences and warnings, everything is stored against the employee profile


Omnifrom Digital Platforms uses custom access setups

Allowing you to decide who sees what when it comes to your employees, separate according to company, sites and roles

Free Updates

Omniform Digital Platforms is kept updated for free

No more paying for the newest version we think everyone deserves the best in employee management software

Plug and play

Our software is managed by our certified team of technicians and consultants to ensure that you start seeing results immediately.

Employee Audits

When choosing Omniform Digital platforms as a provider the first step is a full Audit of all your current employee files to make sure your company is covered.

By the end of the process you can rest easy that every employee is compliant whether it is for PPE, Documentation, Training, Payroll or Employee Conduct.

the way forward

Another aspect that is often neglected is maintenance, once we have everything in order our compliance dashboard does constant checks to ensure no employee is left behind and new employees are held to the same compliance standards,/p>

Everything You Need

Recruitment Software

Your own Talent or recruitment pool linked to your broker, potential employees can upload documentation for your consideration before employment

Time and Attendance payroll Software

Whether you work from time sheets, excel sheets or want to integrate with our time keeping solutions, Omniform offers easy and fast Payroll solutions from time sheet to payslip

PPE Procurement Software

Employee PPE sizes and needs are defined and loaded onto the platform, this then is used to create order sheets per item that is sent out to multiple suppliers for the best price per item

HR Compliance Software

Employee file packs are created online where the employees contract, code of conduct licences etc, can be stored and expiration dates can be managed

Employee Conduct Software

Have your Code of Conduct digitized, Every employee’s warning is selected from the system ensuring the correct wording, the correct action based on the offence and expiry dates and escalations are handled automatically

Training Software

Training programs designed and developed from your companies Standard Operation Producers (SOP) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are used to improve the productivity of current employees as well as to prepare for new employees