Time keeping & Payroll Software – Time is money
For many companies payroll is their biggest monthly expense therefore accuracy in payroll can have massive benefits for your company’s bottom line.

An accurate payroll also relieves a lot of stress from managers who are constantly being bombarded with queries and complaints distracting from the day to operations the should be focused on.

Omniform strives for as little as possible manual interaction when processing worked hours, having built integrations with many of the current clocking and access control providers as well as built in excel uploads with checks and balances to monitor excess Overtime. This has also enabled us to run a complete payroll cycle in approximately 2 hours per 100 employees, with complete per employee earnings reports send to relative parties.

Omniform is the quickest way to leave queries behind and start focusing on earnings.


Benefits of Using Our Time keeping & Payroll Software:

  • Allows you to choose how much of the work you want to outsource
  • Integrated with excel hours
  • Takes basic in and out clocking information and applies – Normal time – Over time – Double time – Shift allowances – Public holidays – Leave – Suspension and much more to create a complete payroll
  • Full payroll service up to payslip generation
  • Identifies fraudulent hours.
  • Real Time employee monitoring.
  • Easy shift & budget schedule tool.
  • Integrates with all recognized payroll software.
  • Integrates with all recognized bio-metric hardware.

For a detailed offering on how it works, download the PDF Brochure or book a call with a consultant below.

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Can I work from physical Time sheets

Yes, Our back office capturing department will receive the time sheets and book the hours accordingly

How Does it work
Omniform uses in-house software to process hours imported into the system to calculate Overtime, Double Time, Night shift allowances along with leave and all other aspects that form a complete payroll, all we require is a once of Setup where we setup your company payroll rules and rates as well as the physical hours worked to give you a 100% accurate payroll in record time
Do I need a payroll administrator
No, Omniform can take care of every aspect of your payroll, the only requirement from your side would be to supply employee information and hours to our payroll department.