Time keeping & Payroll Software – Time is money
Time & Attendance Software offers you a cloud based time keeping solution. Designed to actively manage your payroll hours, reduce queries and effectively manage leave cycles. Also integrates with all recognized Payroll and Bio-metric suppliers, new or existing.
Benefits of Using Our Time keeping & Payroll Software:

  • Integrated with excel hours
  • Takes basic in and out clocking information and applies – Normal time – Over time – Double time – Shift allowances – Public holidays – Leave – Suspension and much more to create a complete payroll
  • Full payroll service up to payslip generation
  • Identifies fraudulent hours.
  • Real Time employee monitoring.
  • Easy shift & budget schedule tool.
  • Integrates with all recognized payroll software.
  • Integrates with all recognized bio-metric hardware.

For a detailed offering on how it works, download the PDF Brochure or book a call with a consultant below.

We can help


Omniform Time keeping and Payroll allows you to take your time sheets and send them through to our trained off-site for processing   

Once processed you will receive a complete payroll report with each employees payroll breakdown for review.

approved hours are moved over to the payroll department from where you will receive your payslips for distribution among the staff

 All this takes less then 24 hours from receipt of time sheets

 you can then have the payroll posted to the bank of your choice for payment to staff

You could also opt for one of our clocking machines or an integration with your existing clocking machines to do away with any time sheets

Omniform manages all these aspects of payroll at a fraction of the ussual cost

On Site


The onsite offering goes the extra mile in service delivery and ease, every aspect of the Payroll process will be handled by one of our on-site representatives.

From ensuring that staff are clocked in to following up late comers 

The on-site option is great for companies that wish to focus on their primary interest as well as ensure that salary processes are still handled in a professional and thorough manner.

The onsite manager will capture and process the payroll as well as distribute payslips and deal with any query that might arise