Recruitment or talent pools


Why are they like insurance… and why do i need one


Much like insurance talent pools really shine when you need them most.
Imagine your company Marie’s Cupcakes or Big Business Corporate PTY LTD suddenly gets a nice big order and it’s all very exiting!

Now an order means work, and work usually needs labor and labour can mean one of two things.

1  Over Time – (insert scary emoji)

2  More employees


So why do so many companies choose (1)

Well firstly time, Business is unpredictable and people want their cupcakes yesterday and recruiting even a few people can be time consuming.

Secondly On the job training, when a new employee is added they often don’t know much and it is left to other staff members, who should be making cupcakes to teach them on the fly

and thirdly though not lastly some people are just not as good at baking cupcakes as they made it seem in their interviews.

So how do you address this?

By creating a Talent or Recruitment pool.

It is important to note though that a Talent Pool isn’t just a bunch of cv’s tucked into a cabinet somewhere.

A real Talent pool is a living creature, where those in it are often used to substitute a sick employee or someone on leave, it is person who has been on site before and understands your business, has worded or trained in your processes.

A substitute sitting on the bench of team Marie’s Cupcakes if you will


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